design, performance


The toasterhelmet went through a turbulent development over the past century. With a fashion show and an exhibition, the Spullenmen provide an overview of this colourful history.
A magnificent fashion show recreates the colourful history of the toasterhelmet on the catwalk, starting with the early experimental and functional helmets, going through the extravagant models of the 60s and ending with the well known designhelmets of the past decade. As a special feature young and promising designers show their latest creations. Not to be missed for fashionwatchers and others who want to meet the trend for this summer!

Besides the fashion show the Spullenmen also organize exhibitions of the toasterhelmet in the 20th century, at various locations. The audience strolls by a collection of finely designed toasterhelmets. Through a personal audio guide (in the shape of a toasterhelmet) background information is provided on the various helmets.


ideaDick Cools
performed byDick Cools, Jelle de Bruijn, Harmen Zijp, Robbert Kamphuis


This performance is no longer available.