short outdoor performance

I.T.I. Project

Investigating Terrestrial Intelligence is a survey of earthly intelligence. Scientists investigate an allegedly extraordinary species in its natural habitat from within the safe environment of their mobile laboratory.
The I.T.I.-project (Investigating Terrestrial Intelligence) is based upon a survey on earthly intelligence. Scientists, dressed in heavy protective suits and masks, arrive at their mobile laboratory with a very special vehicle. Once safe inside the suits are being changed for lab suits and the investigation starts. The surrounds and its 'inhabitants' are being explored profoundly. Everything is being registered flawlessly by means of notes, sound- and filmrecordings. Wherever possible experiments are carried out, measures are taken and conclusions are drawn. Bit by bit the strange world 'outside' is being explored. Nothing seems to be overlooked by the expert team of researchers, as long as all safety measures are complied with...


ideaJelle de Bruijn, Harmen Zijp, Dick Cools
performed byJelle de Bruijn, Harmen Zijp, Dick Cools, Erik Tober


This performance is no longer available.