interactive exhibition

The Tweak Show

A fascinating mix of a sciencemuseum, a fairy tale and an escaperoom.
What do coelenterates and wallpaper have in common? Or: what exactly is a coelenterate and do they understand the art of wallpaperdesign? Who has ever engaged in a proper dialogue with a floor lamp? Is there a good word for that? In the Tweak Show the strangest of questions are all too common. Get lost in this maze full of interactive wonder. Fear is for Sissies, and... please do touch!

Since 2008 De Spullenmannen have been working on a steadily expanding series of contraptions that explore the boundaries between art and science. Every so now and then the audience is offered a peek inside and a chance to try out the latest installations. After touring museums, festivals, rivers and elderly homes in various countries the Tweak Show now gets a permanent home in Amersfoort. A travelling edition of the Tweak Show is also suitable for children.


ideaDiana Wildschut, Harmen G. Zijp
performed byDiana Wildschut, Harmen G. Zijp, Laura van der Zee, Christiaan Schuinder
bijdragenRick Companje, Edwin Dertien, Peter Uithoven, Stefan Lehner, Robbert Kamphuis, Jan Schellink, Matthijs Kooijman, Robbert van der Heul, Andries Lohmeijer, Fierman, Iris Niemeijer, Dirk en Margriet Zijp, Reinder de Haan, Anja Claassen, Guus den Breeje, Leo van der Veen, Kevin Hughes, Daniël Joppe, Flip de Leeuw, Vito Neto, Noemi Baumblatt
adviceTheoretical Biology / Bioinformatics Group, Utrecht University; Donders Institute / Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, Nijmegen University


The Tweak Show is unfortunately not accessible to wheelchairs.
The Tweak Show was destroyed by a fire in early 2016 and is now waiting for a new location.
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