The Daily Issue

Four reporters, a cartoonist and a graphic designer get three hours to find out where they are and what's going on in the world. With help of your reliable information and a hand cranked duplicator they produce a newspaper with the real news: The Daily Issue.
The reporters of The Daily Issue seem to have come from the '50s and suddenly woken up in 2013 with their mimeograph. They have 3 hours to find out what's going on in the world. The result will be printed on the spot, and handed out to the audience. Whatever is going on, the reporters of The Daily Issue will cover it. But they have some serious handicaps: they have to do without internet or telephone, so you are their only source of information. If all fails, you know how it happened.


ideaDiana Wildschut, Harmen Zijp, Patrick Nederkoorn
editorial boardDiana Wildschut, Harmen Zijp, Patrick Nederkoorn, Oscar Kocken
cartoonsDanibal, Argibald
printingDiana Wildschut
scenographyDiana Wildschut, Harmen Zijp
graphic designRon Jagers, Harmen Zijp, Peter Uithoven
thanks toErwin Blok, Hannah Vischer, Marijn Schilling, Peter Uithoven, Jan van der Smissen, Anteo Francin, Dick Bos


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