Velo Energeticus

A series of bicycle-powered installations shows the problematic concept of energy
A sturdy spinning bike with an efficient generator is connected to a special application. Available in several versions:
VELO ENERGETICUS PYROMAGISTRALIS is connected to a physics experiment. If you bike hard enough you can cause an arc of lightning to emerge and climb up between two rods.
VELO ENERGETICUS DOMESTICUS VULGARIS is connected to a cabinet with a power socket in which you can plug different kitchen tools and you will feel the difference in energy consumtion in your legs. There is a led light, a regular lightbulb, a mixer, a hair dryer and a water boiler.
VELO ENERGETICUS FRITUS is connected to a snack dispenser that works as an energy meter. You start with a dry sandwich in the bottom window, but if you bike hard enough you might get all the way up to the king of snacks, with the highest ecological footprint: a hotdog.
VELO ENERGETICUS FOSSILIS lets the audience bike for a drop of oil, after which a pump lets a drop of oil fall from an infusion bag into an empty oil barrel.


idea & realisationRobbert Kamphuis, Harmen G. Zijp


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