visual theatre

The Cityconductor

The City Conductor is a science fiction drama in which two robots play as actors. the story is about a couple of scientists that discover that their civilization is about to collapse, just as it is too late to help it.
The city conductor is a science fiction drama in which two robots perform alongside human actors. The story is about a team of scientists that discovers that thir society is on the verge of demise, just when it is too late to stop it.
It is dark. A match is lit and in the flickering light we see a robot arm that lights a candle. It picks up a pingpong ball and cirles it slowly around a candle. On a projection on the backdrop the miniature solar system is enlarged. Then it builds a city using wooden blocks. The backdrop turns into a window with a view on the skyline. The robot picks up an actor and puts him next to the window. It gives the actor a book, the actor reads: 'Once upon a time...'


ideaDiana Wildschut, Harmen G. Zijp