Welcome at the Spullenmen. On this website you will find information about our company and all ongoing projects.

nov '05 - Open Day and MORE

Three years ago the Spullenmen settled in Amersfoort. In an old factory they work on theatre, installations, visual art and purposeless contraptions. On November 26th and 27th they will have an open day.
The theatre performance 'MORE' is about the ups and downs of a lonely archivist at the Ministry of Goods No Longer In Use. The performance was staged at Oerol and various other festivals from Denmark to Hungary, and can now once more be seen in Amersfoort. Besides there will be all kinds of presentations in the spullenlab, from the Amazing Pudding Machine and the Esteem Machine to the Toasterhelmetshow and an industrial robot arm getting its first acting classes.

Open day on sat 26 and sun 27 nov, 12h – 17h, entrance free
MORE on fri 25 and sat 26 nov, 20h and sun 27 nov, 15h, entrance €5, reservations: +31(0)334481622
Address: Kleine Koppel 40, Amersfoort

jun '05 - The Spullenmen abroad

Last April the Spullenmen took their show MORE to Århus (DK). This summer they can be seen on August 2nd and 3rd at the La Strada festival in Graz (A). And September 22nd - 24th they will perform in the Merlin theatre in Budapest (HU). For a complete tourlist of our projects have a look at our AGENDA.

feb '05 - The toasterhelmet in the 20st century

Young professional models present helmets from a special historical collection, as well as contemporary designs by the Spullenmen.

Kringloopcentrum, Zwaaikom 21 Amersfoort

Date and time
February 12th, 2005
13:00u, 14:30u, 16:00u

The toasterhelmet went through a turbulent development over the past century, starting with the early experimental and functional helmets, going through the extravagant models in the 60s and ending with the well known designhelmets of the past decade. A magnificent fashion show recreates this colourful history on the catwalk. As a special feature young and promising designers show their latest creations. Not to be missed for fashionwatchers and others who want to meet the trend for this summer!