Welcome at the Spullenmen. On this website you will find information about our company and all ongoing projects.

HARMEN ZIJP studied chemistry and philosophy in Utrecht and worked as a stage engineer and lighting designer for several theatre companies in the Netherlands and abroad. He performed with the absurdistic theatre company N'mbusi and founded the Absurd Netherlands foundation. He also iniated several cultural projects in Amersfoort, amongst which Laswerkplaats, KunstenaarsLogies, festival Franje and FabLab Amersfoort.
DIANA WILDSCHUT works as a freelance technician, lighting designer, photographer and video artist. She also programs realtime video software. As a video artist and playwright she works with Leine and Roebana and the german group Palindrome. As a technician and lighting designer she worked with Made in da Shade, Onafhankelijk Toneel and Stella Den Haag, amongst others. Visit for more information.
Peter Uithoven studied interaction design on the HKU where he specialised himself in physical interactive installation that have a story to tell. He is one of the people behind Fablab Amersfoort, De War and TransitieLab and he does projects around sustainability in a broad sense and technology. More on
ROBBERT KAMPHUIS studied Landscape architecture (Wageningen) and Industrial Design (Delft), and ran a graphic design company for 15 years. Since 2004 he works fulltime as a visual artist, living and working in Wageningen. He creates both autonomous work and comissioned work, and exhibits in various places in the Netherlands and abroad. Visit for more information.
EDWIN DERTIEN builds tiny snake robots that will take over the world one day. He researches Creative (use and misuse of) Technology at Twente University. As artist he makes big robotic installations at festivals and expositions. With his company 'Making Art Work' (Kunst- en Techniekwerk) he provides technical support for art projects. In his spare time he works as improv musician for a number of theatre groups and plays bass and keys in two bands. Because he really needs a Fablab in Enschede he joined the MediaLab Enschede in order to get one. More info on